Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Holocaust Concept Map

The concept map that I created is intended to show both the causes and the outcomes of the Holocaust. I must admit that I do not like concept maps. I often find that the type of information displayed in these things is either too basic or too convoluted to actually help with my understanding of a subject. In order for me to get something I need a detailed foundation of information on which to build my understanding. To me, concept maps do little in the way of elucidating a subject. I would be very interested to hear from someone who finds them helpful, as I assume, due to their extensive use, that they are useful to some people.

In this case, I chose to break the Holocaust concept map into four outlying areas: the underlying causes, the pre-war buildup, the methods used to carry it out, and the aftermath. I feel that by doing it this way I am able to address content standard 1 for Historical Thinking.


  1. Not sure why the concept map is uploading at such a low quality. I'll see if I can fix it.

  2. If I click on it, it looks like the resolution is fine. This is a nice connection to your standard. However, the assignment was to create a concept map to demonstrate your understanding of the chapter and a half you read on UDL - the main topic of your concept map should be "UDL."

  3. Oops, not sure how I messed that one up. I'll be sure to add a concept map on the UDL reading.

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